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February 21, 2019 2 min read

Why you should outsource application support


Greater value from overall application spend, better business outcomes, and reduced costs and risk are just some of the benefits of working with an Application Support Services specialist.

Constrained business models, a changing workforce, and advances in Cloud Computing and Connectivity have made technology more critical than ever before. In a demanding world that is “always on”, “immediate” and “always connected”, applications are at the heart of your business.

As an IT leader, you face a rapidly changing technology and business landscape that also brings the need to manage aging (legacy), disparate, and incompatible applications and environments. The challenges include the number of technologies and redundancies in application portfolios; and unsatisfactory support performance of your application portfolio, leading to sub-optimal use of the software budget and unclear total cost of ownership (TCO) of applications. While dealing with this complexity, you must also manage the IT budget to “do more with less”.

As your application environment continues to age and expand, so do the ongoing maintenance, support and transformation costs, not to mention the associated complexity and risks. As a result, you spend more of your valuable time, energy, and budget continually trying to maintain and support legacy applications instead of building for the future. 

You need to meticulously control your IT budget, effectively maintain existing business applications, mitigate loss of application IP, and free up critical personnel to support new projects and initiatives that provide additional business value. Addressing these objectives frees you to plan and prepare for the future. This is where Optimation can help, by being a committed support partner that brings innovative thinking, a wealth of experience, and a reputation for excellence.

The Optimation Approach - ATOM

We can help you resolve your application support and transformation challenges and achieve your objectives by applying Optimation’s Application Transition and Optimisation Methodology - ATOM. This robust methodology incorporates six phases, which are customised to mitigate risk and simplify the entire experience:

-        Transition Strategy & Planning

-        Discovery

-        Delivery Readiness

-        Program Start-Up

-        Transition

-        Optimise

ATOM2 v2

Optimation’s ATOM approach is backed up by incorporating the best practices and experiences from numerous successful application transitions we have executed in the past. The methodology provides access to the right people at the right time to free up your valuable resources for critical business growth. Importantly, it can also lay out a roadmap for the future that will transform your applications into a streamlined, efficient, and effective environment that performs reliably and delivers maximum performance at the service levels you choose.


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