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November 4, 2022 2 min read

Optimation signs 5-year deal with Queensland Corrective Services


Friday 4 November 2022

Optimation will provide a fully-managed solution for digital, remote case management for Queensland Corrective Services.

Optimation has signed a multi-year deal with Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) to replace its existing kiosk system for providing self service solutions to ensure individuals remain compliant with court-imposed conditions. The Queensland Government has contracted Optimation to provide a fully managed solution including cloud-based software, a smartphone application, as well as secure biometric kiosks that will be deployed in QCS regional offices across Queensland, in an initial five-year deal.

Due to the size of the State and the need to manage caseloads in many remote areas, QCS was looking to expand its existing use of technology to safely and effectively manage individuals on community supervision orders. Kiosks and other digital technologies provide safe and secure self-service mechanisms to ensure individuals remain compliant with court imposed conditions out in the community, while at the same time reducing risk and workloads on staff.

“We selected Optimation’s solution to help us transform the way we manage supervised individuals in the community through the innovative use of technology,” says Michael Nikolic, QCS Chief Digital Officer, Digital Services & Information Technology Branch, Organisational Capability.

QCS selected Optimation to provide a complete solution built around secure, self-service kiosks, mobile applications, and web portals to support both individuals in the community to be compliant with their supervision orders and help QCS staff manage caseloads more efficiently. The solution provides an extended set of tools to augment the agency’s existing management solutions, providing user-friendly and secure digital engagement and case management that gives Corrective Services staff access to the information they need, when they need it.

The solution is built on Optimation’s many years of experience with the New Zealand Department of Corrections, as well as other NZ Public Sector agencies. Using state of the art biometric identification technology and running on the secure Outsystems low-code cloud platform, the solution combines pre-proven processes and features with the ability to rapidly tailor workflows to specific jurisdictional needs.

Optimation Executive Director Alex Bouma says that with the ability to easily integrate with many different systems of record, and other third-party solutions such as electronic monitoring, Optimation’s solution represents the next evolution of digital tools for Public Sector agencies that need to actively case manage or supervise citizens.

“Digital solutions have obvious advantages for agencies that are struggling with high caseloads, especially when they’re dealing with a population spread over large or remote geographical areas. Providing reliable, secure ways for case managers and individuals to connect, interact and meet their respective needs or requirements has applications across a range of public sector agencies. We believe this solution will prove its value not just with QCS but with other agencies in the future.”