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Warrick Flower April 16, 2024 2 min read


Optimation, are pleased to have been named a finalist in the NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2024 for the Best Hi-Tech Solution for the Public Good with our groundbreaking Optimation Connect product for the justice sector.

Connect is a gamechanger for the rehabilitation of people under supervision in the community. The solution enhances the connectivity of individuals with their rehabilitation process and transforms the way community corrections officers deliver effective case management.

Designed with a strong emphasis on accessibility and inclusivity, Connect is made to improve the outcome for all stakeholders. It digitises processes and provides self-service capabilities via a unique and comprehensive digital suite that complements face-to-face interactions. Eligible individuals can use their fingerprint and facial biometrics to access a range of online services through Connect, including an in-office kiosk, and web and mobile phone applications.

Connect boasts a variety of innovative technologies to engage a wide range of individuals within communities, overcoming obstacles associated with digital accessibility across large and often remote areas.

Optimation’s longstanding partnership with New Zealand’s Department of Corrections, and other local agencies in the public sector, led it to develop Connect and establish a trusted relationship with Queensland Corrective Services (QCS).

QCS became the first to deploy Optimation Connect. As part of a five-year deal starting in 2023, QCS rolled out the solution across its regional offices in Queensland. Through its multiple digital channels, Connect is accessible to approximately 90 percent of supervised individuals in the community. The product is supporting them to be compliant with their supervision orders and it is helping QCS staff to manage their caseloads more efficiently.

“We have built Connect with the aim of delivering tangible benefits to both agencies and supervised individuals,” says Warrick Flower, Managing Director, Optimation.

Early results are encouraging. There has been an estimated 40 percent improvement in turn-up rates for those on community work programmes and a 30 percent uplift in on-time attendance for in-person check-ins. Elsewhere, there has been approximately a 40 percent reduction in repetitive paper-based tasks by officers, a 60 percent decrease in officer appointment times, and a 25 percent reduction in curfew call centre and security call-out costs.

Addressing these operational elements was central to effecting the profound change that improves peoples lives and community outcomes. “The challenge was to deliver these functions to a diverse group while maintaining security and complying with the law,” says Mr Flower. “Connect achieves this and layers other capabilities to become a hub for better rehabilitation journeys.”

Optimation is honoured to be named a finalist in the prestigious New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards, particularly amongst such an impressive field. The Awards celebrate the country’s most successful high-tech companies across the technology spectrum.

“Our vision for Connect is to revolutionise the rehabilitation journey. It’s a massive challenge and it is wonderful to receive this recognition from the NZ Hi-Tech Awards,” says Neil Butler, Chair, Optimation. “This achievement is testament to our outstanding team’s hard work, creativity and commitment.”

The 2024 winners will be announced at the annual NZ Hi-Tech Awards Gala Dinner in Auckland on 24 May.

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